Tasty Tuesday: Riesling Strawberry Slushies

It’s Tuesday again and as always, I’m thinking about food!  Lol.  Jovan (Hubby) and I are learning to be wine connoisseurs so when I found this recipe on Pinterest, I was super excited!  Lisa Thiele of With Style & Grace share the recipe for Riesling Strawberry Slushies on her popular food and lifestyle blog a few months ago.  This would be the perfect addition to your baby or bridal shower menu… or as an added treat for an autumn evening on the patio with your beau!  I know it’s getting chilly outside but wine and slushies never go out of season!

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Photo and Recipe Courtesy of With Style & Grace


– 2 cups hulled strawberries

– 1 bottle dry Riesling

– 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

– 2 tablespoons sugar


1. Reserve 1 cup of Riesling – cover and place in the fridge to chill.

2. In a food processor, puree strawberries with remaining wine, lime juice, and sugar.

3. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze until solid.

4. When you’re ready to serve (or drink), puree the ice cubes with the remaining wine in your blender.

5. Enjoy!!

Sound yummy? Try it for yourself!


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