Tasty Tuesday: 10 Super Bowl Sliders

It’s Tasty Tuesday and we’re getting ready for the big game on Sunday!  Super Bowl XLVIII will be here before you know it!  Are you having a Super Bowl party or have you been asked to bring a dish to pass at a friend’s house?  If so, how about making some yummy sliders?  Everyone loves a bite-sized burger!  Here’s a peek at 10 Super Bowl Sliders that are sure to keep your guests cheering for more:

Super Bowl Snacks, Sliders, Ebony Peoples Events & Design, Dallas Party Planner, Dallas Event Planner1. Chicken & Waffles | 2. Spicy Grilled Cheese | 3. Crab Cake & Spicy Mayo |4. Turkey with Brie, Arugula, & Cranberry Chutney | 5. Sweet Potato & Pulled Pork | 6. Ham & Cheese with Poppyseed Dressing | 7. Spicy Jalapeño Philly Cheese Steak | 8. Meatball | 9. Chicken with Zucchini Buns | 10. Bacon & Gorgonzola on Cornbread

Yummy!  Which slider is making your mouth water?  There’s a slider to cater to everyone’s taste buds!  What’s on your Super Bowl party menu?  I’d love to know!


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